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The SmartFeeder is an intelligent sysetm for feeding parts of any size, format or material.

A single system can feed different product families.

  • High efficiency: There is no blocking of parts, which avoids production stops
  • Cost reduction: Ease and speed for format changes, without additional costs.
  • Remote control: Remote connection for technical assistance and system settings

It feeds parts onto a rotating disk that, thanks to pneumatic pulses, directs them and positions them in the position required by the customer.

This system can be easily integrated on any type of robot and vision system. It stands out for its great versatility, easy installation and low noise level.


> A flexible and effective solution 
SmartFeeder is a versatile and very suitable solution for feeding a wide variety of parts according to their:

  • Geometry: cylindrical, flat, 3D ...
  • Surface: smooth, with presense of oil, tangled ...
  • Materials: fragile, delicate, rubber, silicone, ...
  • Weight and size

A single system can feed different product families. Smartfeeder is distinguished by its high efficiency that permits to feed uniformly and continuously, increasing the production of your company because there are no line stops or blockages. It can handle up to 15,000 parts per hour.

A few example of what the SmartFeeder can handle:

  • Cosmetics: flasks, bottles, spray, caps, liner, mascara
  • Pharmaceutical: phials, flasks, bottles, corks, caps, eyedroppers, valves, needles
  • Household: triggers, dosing pumps, lids, pressure valve





Un Responsable de Producto le asesorará durante la fase de definición del proyecto.


Un técnico especialista le acompañará desde el inicio, hasta la validación y puesta en marcha de los equipos.


Nuestro servicio técnico resolverá cualquier incidencia con la máxima garantía i rapidez en cualquier parte del mundo.


Nuestros ingenieros desarrollan nuevos sistemas y soluciones adaptados a sus necesidades.


Un equipo humano altamente cualificado està a su disposición para garantizarle el mantenimiento y rendimiento de sus equipos.

GMS Customized Feeding SystGMS Feeding Systems, within the framework of the ICEX Next Program, has had the support of ICEX and the co-financing of the European FEDER fund. The purpose of this support is to contribute to the international development of the company and its environment.

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